Creates time lapse, high-speed animations, GIFs, stop-motion and CGI videos
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Loads digital videos and creates time-lapse, stop-motion animations and CGI videos. It exports videos to animated GIF files, or multi-view displaying modes. Includes tools to manipulate the videos, and filters to enhance the quality of the videos (White Balance, Gamma Correction, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness).

VideoMach is a video editor. Actually, it has limited editing capabilities. It is not one of those programs that will let you create videos from scratch; its main capability is restricted to adding various filters to existing videos.
I would not say that this program’s interface is very easy to use because that will depend on your level of expertise. Nevertheless, if you have used other video editors before, you will find no difficulty in using this one. The main screen is divided into six unlabeled panels. The ones above will let you watch the video as it is, preview the video with the applied changes and visualize its properties respectively. The panels below will show the list of video files, the list of audio tracks and the list of modifications.
Adding a file is as easy as dragging it to the corresponding list or opening it through the menu command. Then, you can start to apply the changes. You will be able to extract segments from the original file. In addition, you can apply filters from an extensive list that comprises changing size, adjusting colors, blurring and pixelating the image, among many others.
Furthermore, you can use VideoMach as a video convertor. It supports almost every popular video format available. In addition, you can set parameters, such as video dimension, quality, audio codec, etc.

Pedro Castro
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  • It lets you apply any of several video filters
  • It lets you convert video files


  • It has limited capabilities
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